I wish I had the nerve to just barge into AP Gov and serenade the kid.  I’d sing Winehouse’s cover of “To Know Him is to Love Him” with my ill-suited voice. After the last note (because in this dream I play guitar and it was conveniently a hidden talent I only just discovered the night before) I would run off, blushing.


May. 14, 2010.

1 year and 3 months.

1 year and a quarter. :]

Living for that lopsided grin, smaller left eye,  and for the honor of tracing that curved back with an eager finger.

For licking each eyelash as he sleeps and caressing his cheekbones with a mouth open in disbelief as if such perfectly molded features couldn’t be real.

For the after-fuck “hehehe” and the furrowed brow.

Living for those words concerning ‘ologies and ‘isms and the glances my way.

I love this man-child.

I want him more than I can tell.