Kismet by numbers.

I had three dollars.

Three dollars with fifty cents. Mark ’em, fifty cents.

I’m no Napoleon and this secondhand Oxford shirt doesn’t exactly count as a rag but I sure felt like a rich man grateful gal.

A few hours ago, that is.

I am now in the process of taking off my shirt because I don’t think I can afford an Oxford shirt, even if it is from the thrifty. Might have just been lying to myself there.

Ha, it’s Merona! From Walmart. Saucypants.

(The faint hum of an ice-cream jingle could be heard.)

Out went those legs! Faster than my upper half could carry them. Some minutes later, my purchases were made from a man with a ‘stache.

Four gummy hamburger minis, BBQ Lays, bubblegum cigs, and a Squirt.

3.50 went from palm to palm.

My face went from :/ to :{

The only thought in my mind: “Don’t tell the kid.”

Oh, patient reader. You’ll find out soon enough.